Collections Management

C2’s collection management services address your collection’s specific needs. We are full-service and our experts professionally install, inventory and administer collections of art and objects. Typical services include cataloging collections, assessing condition of artworks, providing inventory reports, database management, and creating detailed floor plans listing where each artwork is installed.

Whether large, small, public or private, preserving and protecting your investment is essential to the integrity and financial value of your art. C2 identifies ways to improve and sustain your collection, creating solutions for both exhibition and storage, as well as exhibition loans.

Collections Management services include:

  • Site visits and assessments
  • Developing collection inventories
  • Reviewing installation strategies and exhibition rotation
  • Consulting on optimal environments for the preservation of art and historic works
  • Assisting in institutional policy development
  • Moving and handling artworks
  • Oversight of storage and exhibition design
  • Comprehensive supervision of museum exhibition loans